The Turnstone's Bill

DropSync 1.0

Lately I’ve been toiling away at a 1.0 release of DropSync. It’s still in beta, but it’s now ready for everyday use.

1.0 Should be a huge improvement over the current release. It’s got;

  • A Redesigned, minimalist interface
  • A much better interface for configuring remote locations (now called Synced Places)
  • A test button to test connections to ssh locations
  • Customisable rsync options including filtering etc
  • A complete and detailed Help Book
  • Huge numbers of bugs have been fixed too

Anyone using DropSync 0.9.x should download the current beta (build 87) (Actually by now DropSync 2.x is out which can be downloaded here ) as it fixes many bugs that were present in the older version.

Here are some screenshots of the current version