The Turnstone's Bill

Steve Jobs

Yesterday, I learned that Steve Jobs’ had died. Strangely I didn’t discover it on my mac, or my iPhone but when my girlfriend told me … and she knew I’d be sad. She knew how much I loved Steve’s creations, the mac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad. Most days it’s a bit demeaning to be called a mac “fanboi”, but yesterday it felt like the world understood. I think we all realised that even though our only interactions with Steve Jobs were with his products we’d somehow gotten to know a little bit about the man who created them. We realised that those things we use aren’t just gadgets, they are products designed and crafted by people who care about every detail, who care about aesthetic beauty, good design and craftsmanship. Say what you like about the turtlenecks, but Steve Jobs had that style and he cared about what his company made. Steve’s legacy won’t just be the products though. He changed the way the world saw technology. All those years ago in his parent’s garage Steve Jobs could see that computers would be things that everyday people used, and he spent his life making that happen. Although we’ve come a long way, it still feels like the beginning of that revolution. There are still (and perhaps always will be) so many things that geeks do with technology that everyday people don’t know or care about. In memory of Steve, let’s continue to bring those things to light, and let’s do it with style.